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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dosing: Herbs for Dogs

Dogs metabolize meds faster, so therefore I have started with higher dosing of herbs with my animals and am having better results with symptoms being alleviated.
The standard dosage for humans is 30 drops of tincture for 50 pounds of body weight.  I now dose my dogs with 60 drops of tincture for every 50 pounds of body weight.  I also have upped the broths and powders to higher doses based on their faster metabolisms.
As my dogs age, I add most of their supplements into either oil, butter, or a little raw meat treat---

Make sure their food is grain free.  Raw food is obviously the first choice, and homemade second.
If that is cost prohibitive, then at least get grain free and add supplementation.

Inflammation: LOTS of fish oil supplementation
Kidneys: Cranberry Powder in meat---

It is not worth buying dog food with supplementation added.  Thats like buying a Pepsi products that has herbs and hoping that its therapeutic.

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