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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hill Country Throat Honey

I decided to make a quick and easy throat syrup since I just pressed my fabulous Bee Balm Honey in my delicious raw, local, honey from Round Rock Honey.  Bee Balm, or Monarda citriodora, is full of Thymol(kind of like a super oregano) and tends to go directly for the throat.  I always take a dose of it at any indication that I have been exposed to some sort of infection and it usually clears it up very quickly.  Like one dose quickly.  I have also used it in formulas to allay the symptoms of mononucleosis.

In the honey, I added some native Plantain tincture (which among its properties and indications for use, I remember Matthew Wood in his Book of Herbal Wisdom using it for prickly and tickly throat irritations).  I also added some Grindelia tincture to help with wet coughs, or humid type conditions in the respiratory tract. Grindelia also acts as an antispasmodic and expectorant.  I added 4 parts of the monarda honey to 1 part grindelia and 1 part plantain fresh tincture.  The result was a sweet but potent brew that settles right in the throat to go to work.
I am now prepared for people who don't cleanse as our shift of weather comes and get some sort of respiratory tract infection.
Happy Honeys!