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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Check it out!  An herb festival outside of Austin this Fall
Dear Medicinal Plant Lovers,
It is with great joy that we invite you to participate in Herbalismo! We hope that this historic event will bring together practitioners and students of many herbal traditions in our region to celebrate plants and healing in the Deep South. Well respected Herbal Elders like Rosemary Gladstar, Paul Bergner, Matthew Wood, Margi Flint, and Will Morris are joining us in the festivities and offering their own special and unique teachings and support. A large percentage of our Teachers will be bioregional—some you may have heard of, others have been hiding in nooks and crannies—and we are drawing them out of their cabins, their books, their swamps, and backwoods hideaways to join with us in this inagural conference.
Herbalismo! is a celebration of our local traditions and together we will honor and learn from practitioners who have cherished and kept the fires of ancient knowledge burning in our modern world. Sacred ceremonies are planned with the lovely Maria Elena Martinez, who will also lead the building of an altar for Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos. Another dear friend and herbalist, Filiberto Delgado will be building a traditional sweat lodge. The festival explores all the different ways we can honor plants and the people who love and use them for healing.
Classes are diverse, ranging from traditional herbs and midwifery from parteras, Native Hill Country wild plant walks from local experts, permaculture in herbalism, and beginning medicine making to advanced clinical study. We have guests coming from all over the South to share their own special ways of connecting to the Earth and to plants and to dance with us to the drumbeat of the Earth and her cycles. If there’s one thing that we’re known for in Austin, it’s how to have great festivals!
Herbalismo! promises enriching opportunities for learning from teachers to whom we rarely have access, covering topics that are relevant to our modern health challenges. We welcome you to join us as the light wanes and the shadows darken.
We are Gathering.